Britons Voting Abroad

Discussion Papers

A number of discussion papers will be posted here: please engage by sharing your thoughts and comments. 

Coming soon

The next paper will discuss the question: 'Should the UK Create Overseas Constituencies for its Overseas Electors'?

'The proposed registration process for newly enfranchised overseas electors if the Overseas Electors Bill passes into law'.

This paper discusses three main questions:

  • What are the detailed proposals in the Overseas Electors Bill for the registration of British citizens who were previously disenfranchised by the ‘15 year rule’? 
  • How easy will it be for Britons who have lived abroad for over 15 years to meet the proposed registration requirements?
  • What potential problems arise from the proposals and how might they be overcome?

Should UK citizens resident abroad be granted Votes For Life?

This paper discusses both the politics and the principles that underpin the various arguments put forward on both sides of this debate in the UK.

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