Britons Voting Abroad

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9th April 2019: London School of Economics (LSE)
'He killed the Bill: Britons living abroad for more than 15 years still don't have a vote'

14th January 2019: The Connexion (France's English language newspaper)
'Would Britons abroad have a say in a 'People's Vote'?

17th December 2018: Democratic Audit
"Votes for Life' for Overseas Electors? Principles, process and party politics'

14th February 2018LSE blog on British Politics and Policy
"Overseas Electors Bill: does government really intend to give expats ‘votes for life’?”

2nd July 2017: The Sociological Review
Brexit, British Citizenship and Overseas Voting Rights

21st May 2017: Politics at Sussex Blog
“Overseas voters angry over Brexit could tip June election results in marginal constituencies”

22nd June 2016: The Conversation
“EU referendum: what if it’s a tie?”

1st June 2016: The Conversation
“Thousands of British expats excluded from voting in the EU referendum”

20th April 2016: The UK in a Changing Europe
“British citizens or EU citizens? The Brexit referendum and British expats”


25th March, Darren Hughes, Electoral Reform Society
"Dark money' could flood into British politics under planned law

7th March 2019, Darren Hughes, Electoral Reform Society
'Tax exiles are funnelling money into our political parties. It's time to close the loophole'. 

18th March 2018 The Olive Press
A Vote For Life wherever you live …. Except if you’re British” by Ray Jones

13th March 2018: Brexit Brits Abroad
Michaela Benson, Chantelle Lewis and Katherine Collins: “British enough for the vote? From “True Brits’ to no representation without taxation in the Overseas’ Electors debate”

26th February 2018: GlobalcitBlog
Ruvi Ziegler, “Votes for Life” Bill passes second reading in the UK House of Commons”

23rd February 2018 UK in a Changing Europe
Michaela Benson and Chantelle Lewis: “Putting UK citizens abroad on the electoral map? Brexit, the demos and the overseas vote

15th February 2018
“Is the UK government serious about reversing the 15 year rule?”

17th June 2016 in Democratic Audit
Heather Green, ‘Lawful residence rather than the possession of a particular passport should generate the right to vote’.


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Brexit Brits Abroad Blog

UK in a Changing Europe

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